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Ann has over a decade of experience as a Licensed Realtor and in New Home Construction. As a 30 year resident of Westerville, Ann has been very involved in many animal rescue groups and volunteers at many homeless shelters. Ann has always given back to our community through her volunteer work and donations. For every home sold, Ann gives a percentage to animal rescues or to others in need.

After leaving her management role at the Columbus Dispatch and Business First, Ann started her professional career as a Realtor as the Vice President of Business Development with HER Realtors. After serving her team and helping them grow their business she decided to follow her passion for real estate so she could better assist homebuyers and homeowners on a more personal level. She later joined RE/MAX as a Realtor while representing Romanelli & Hughes as their sales manager. Ann has in-depth knowledge of new home construction and all aspects of residential and commercial real estate. Ann was an award-winning Realtor with RE/MAX which includes the 100% Club and Executive Club. She has successfully closed over $50 million in real estate in addition to many homes she has sold for local builders. Ann is an active member of the Columbus Board of Realtors, National Association of Realtors, BIA, and NAHB. She has had many leadership roles in the industry including a former Board of Trustee Member and Leadership Committees at the Building Industry Association of Central Ohio.

As a luxury real estate expert, Ann has the level of understanding of what it takes to market, sell, negotiate and purchase high-end properties throughout Central Ohio. Although her focus is on luxury real estate and custom-built homes, Ann eagerly assists homebuyers & homeowners at any price point. Ann strives for excellence and maintains an impeccable reputation in the real estate and building industry. She prides herself on taking an individual approach and works with you personally, you will always work directly with Ann and not with an assistant or someone on her team. Ann is known for her creative marketing and innovative use of technology, her cutting-edge marketing leads to concrete results when selling your home. Her can-do attitude and upbeat personality give her the ability to connect with clients as well as collaborate with other real estate professionals.

When you choose Ann as your Realtor, you have chosen an agent that is backed by knowledge and stability with the best resources available in the real estate industry. Ann is incredibly passionate about helping her clients and approaches each opportunity as building a relationship within the community, not as a transaction. It is the passion that allows Ann to match every homebuyer with a home in a community where memories are created that last a lifetime.

Happy Clients

Your Happiness Is Our Success!

Privacy Policy:

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