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Without question, buying a home can be a life-altering decision. Ann would welcome the opportunity to assist you and help you make a smart investment. Ann has been helping people find the perfect place to call home for over a decade. As an expert in real estate, Ann will ensure the process is easy and that you are comfortable with making the right decision.

Ann is a strong negotiator, understands the housing market & will make sure you get the best price for your new home!  Contact Ann for a Community Market Report before making a decision on any home, this will help to determine the fair market value. Let’s work together to achieve your goals!


Where, Why & When?

As simple as it may sound, identify the reason you are buying a new home. Do you need a larger/smaller home? Wanting to lower monthly payments? Do you want to transfer to a different school district? Next, think about what price point, area, and style of home. Often buyers may find a home they love in their price range but not in the desired area. Recognizing that you may not be able to secure everything on your wish list, prioritize the importance on your wish and needs list. Once you have made these determinations, you will be in a better position to narrow down your home search. Don’t go at it alone, I am here to help and will be with you every step of the way!


Get Pre-Qualified

It’s best to get pre-qualified with your lender prior to viewing properties. Your lender will discuss your current financial situation and review your credit history to determine how much you qualify for with your new mortgage. If you qualify for a mortgage, the lender will give you a pre-qualification letter, this will help to narrow down the home search and strengthen our negotiations with the seller’s agent. I work with several lenders that you can trust and will be glad to make a referral if needed.

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We Make The Search Easy!

After defining your goals and securing a pre-qualification letter, you are ready to start looking at homes! Just share your goals, wants and needs and I will coordinate with you to schedule to see a few homes. Keep in mind that through my networking in the industry I usually know of a few homes that are not yet listed on the market and will always be glad to preview homes if it may be a possibility. Let’s start your home search, call, text or email and let’s find your new home! I will be with you through the entire process!


We Help You Make A Smart Investment!

Prior to making an offer, I will share a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), this will help to make a reasonable offer and will give you an idea if the home is worth the asking price. I will request a copy of the Residential Property Disclosure (RPD) which will let us know if the home has any known problems that you should be aware of. Along with the offer, we will attach a copy of your lender pre-qualification letter, this lets the seller know you are a serious and qualified buyer. Rest assured, I will negotiate on your behalf and will get the best price for you and I will be with you through the entire process!


We Help To Coordinate!

During your due diligence period, we will need to schedule the home inspections. Inspections usually include the home inspection itself, termite and pest inspections, check the roof and radon testing. Should complications or stipulations arise from the home inspection, I will negotiate terms on your behalf with the request to remedy. If you are satisfied with the inspection, we continue working toward the closing.


Final Steps To Ownership!

After we work through any concerns from the home inspection, we continue working toward finalizing everything prior to your closing date. During this time, your lender will have an appraisal performed to prove the value. Make sure your lender has everything they requested so we don’t have any closing delays. If everything goes well during the process and your lender gives final loan approval, we will schedule a final walk-through inspection to make sure any remedy items were taken care of. The final step is the closing, you will sign all the necessary paperwork and will be given the keys to your new home!

Let's Work Together To Achieve Your Goals!

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